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Mid America has been in the fireworks business since 1974. Operating under the trade name Fireworks Supermarket, we have 85 seasonal fireworks tents across Tennessee spanning from Jackson to Knoxville and from Clarksville to Cleveland. Recently we have expanded our operations, adding more retail locations for your convenience.

Mid America Distributors Inc. and Fireworks Supermarket is the number one source for fireworks in Tennessee. There are thousands of different fireworks, ranging across a broad spectrum, our goal is to ensure our customers get the best product at the best value. Year after year the Fireworks Supermarket staff spends thousands of hours researching and testing to find you the very best fireworks for the very best price. We pride ourselves on maintaining and updating our inventory before each Forth of July season to ensure you get the latest and greatest fireworks at a price below or at our competitors.

We are also the exclusive dealer of the Eagle Premium fireworks brand, a very high quality brand of fireworks. We are very confident in the quality of our products and want you to be confident in them as well, that’s why the majority of our products are on DVD so you can watch them before you spend your hard earned money. At our Fireworks Supermarket Tents you will find the best and newest fireworks available at the most competitive prices in the state! Remember, fireworks is all we do, so we can’t afford to not be the best.


Mid America Distributors, Inc. operates FIREWORKS SUPERMARKET seasonal fireworks stands only in the state of Tennessee.  Our company and this site are not approved by, sponsored by, or affiliated in any way with Ingram Enterprises which sells fireworks as FIREWORKS SUPERMARKET in markets outside of Tennessee.

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